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USCIS About to Raise Application Fees for Immigrants

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) has proposed an increase of the fees for application processing by 21%. This will make it nearly impossible for families and immigrants to adjust their status, apply for citizenship, or bring a family member to the United States. As it is, the current fees are an impediment for many clients with valid claims of relief.

The people that will be primarily impacted are:

  • Legal permanent residents that meet the 5 year or 3 year requirements looking to apply for citizenship;
  • Immigrants who have come in and overstayed their visa who are marrying a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident;
  • Immigrants who have come in through the border and are looking for a waiver of deportation;
  • Immigrants applying for employment authorization; and
  • Immigrants applying for Temporary Protected Status, among others.

As of now, the fees are scheduled to increase in mid-July. Our firm has written multiple correspondence to the Department of Homeland Security requesting that the fees not be increased. The citizenship application (N-400), for example, would increase from $680 to roughly $822. If there is an adjustment of status packet (I-130, I-485, I-864, I-765) being filed the price would increase from $1490 to roughly $1802.

It is important to consider coming in to discuss your potential chances for relief with an attorney so that you can file your application(s) before the fees increase. In the meantime, we will continue to do everything we can to prevent them from going up.

eric suarez

Eric R. Suarez

Immigration Law Clerk at The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro

  1. January 22, 2017

    Hello Eric,

    I have a few questions to ask you, hopefully to give me an idea how to approach my situation. Questions as Follow:

    1) I have a female friend, that lives in “Ghana Accra” in Africa? And she already has a passport, I was wondering how can I help her to get a visa to visit me in NYC?

    2) I will start a relationship with her. And if everything goes well, what would be the best way to make her a citizen of United States?

    3) what’s the best financial method for me?

    4) I’m a citizen of United States. I believed my status is good. So, what would be my next step?

    5) How long will any process of this type of immigration services will take to be completed?

    5) Is marriage the best method for citizenship for her? Is the Donald Trump Administration going to make new policy’s more difficult for any type of immigration services ?

    6) If she was to come in has a visa visit, can the visa be extended? Can we work on processing a Green card even if she on a visa visit?

    7) Can she apply for a work permit? Even if she is on a visa visit? All any other type of visa?

    Thank you for your time,


    Elvin Arroyo

  2. January 22, 2017

    Hello Guillermo, I have a brother and we are undocumented young people who have arrived in the United States in the month of September last year. I am worried because we have cortez with migration and we do not have a lawyer and we contact different lawyers and they all charge seismil if you can help them. I leave my mail and my phone number in case you speak Spanish thanks. 2027492163

  3. February 15, 2017

    Need an appointment

  4. March 5, 2017

    I am in H1B visa physician from Eritrea , 2 of my 4 kids are US citizens , I would like to apply for green card so that my children will get proper education

    I have heard that there is hardship pathway I am not sure if I am eligible
    Thank you

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