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Slip and Fall

You’ll never believe how this client got injured…

You can picture it clearly in your mind:

A black and white film shows an empty street. A man in a nice suit approaches a banana peel on the sidewalk. Happily, he walks along, oblivious to the remains of the fruit, until – BAM- he wipes out.

But what happens if this occurs to someone besides Charlie Chaplin? What happens in the real world?

Recently, one of our clients came in with one of the more unique injury cases we’ve dealt with: A banana peel slip.

Our client had come home to his apartment and parked his vehicle near the apartment complex’s trash bins. He, and several other tenants, had issued concerns with their building regarding the lack of efficient trash receptacle pick up. In other words, there was a lot of trash the building wasn’t looking after and people had begun to notice.

When he emerged from his car, near the dumpster bins, he slipped on a loose banana peel, fell to the ground and fractured his wrist. Injured and frustrated, he contacted his apartment to see if their insurance would help cover his medical bills.

The apartment building was sympathetic but refused to accept any liability regarding the trash over flow. Our client knew he needed someone to fight for him and listen to his situation beyond the first, albeit comical line of his story, “I slipped on a banana peel.”

That’s where The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro stepped in.

Apartment buildings often negate liability by simply claiming, “It’s not our fault” when there is an un-resolved maintenance or safety concern. However, it’s sometimes possible, even after an initial “No”, to contact the higher up management company of the building. Many of these management companies are nationwide or at the very least, own more than one apartment complex. They respond to correspondence from attorneys with the resources to seriously investigate claims and make sure that tenants are being treated fairly.

The story ends well for our client. After retaining us, he not only got all of his medical bills paid for by the apartment’s insurance company, he also walked away with compensation for his pain and suffering. Since the incident had occurred, all he had wanted was for the apartment to help cover the cost of his injured wrist. He walked away with much more than he had expected.

So just remember: before you raise an eyebrow about a hot coffee spill or a banana peel slip, make sure you have all the facts. If you’re injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the right to an attorney.

We say it all the time here at our office: When things go wrong, we fight to make it right.

We’re here to help, even if your case is a little, well…. Bananas.

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