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Do I need an Immigration lawyer to renew my green card?
AYES and NO. No, you probably do not need a lawyer if you have absolutely no criminal history and have never stepped a day out of the United States (6 months departure or more might signal a problem), then it should be smooth sailing and you can save your money. However, yes you should consult an attorney if you have any doubts in your mind (especially with any arrest since granted resident status) because permanent residency is not always “permanent.”
Do I need a divorce lawyer if my spouse and I agree on the terms??
AIt is always beneficial to have an attorney to assist you with the process, even if the divorce is not contested. A lawyer will help draft the appropriate documents and make the process easier and typically will help you finalize the divorce more quickly.
Do I need a lawyer when going to the MVA for my license hearing for a DUI?
ANo, you do not necessarily “need” a lawyer at an administrative hearing, but having one is generally a good idea. Some key things that a lawyer can help you with are evaluating your case, understanding your options, and assisting you to achieve the best outcome at the hearing. If you’re interested in obtaining a lawyer, keep in mind that many lawyers offer free consultations and are not as expensive to hire as some folks have been led to believe.
My wife was in an accident in which the other driver ran red light, do I need a lawyer?She suffered laceration to forehead requiring stiches.
AYes, your wife should have an attorney. Attorneys do not charge any fees up front. They simply receive a percentage (usually one-third) of the recovery. An attorney is very important to assure that your wife receives the compensation that she deserves and her rights are protected.
Can I get a restraining order on my neighbor to leave me alone verbally ?
AYou can file for a peace order in the District Court in the county where you live.
Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer ?
AThe legal and insurance systems involved in personal injury claims are complex and confusing, even for professionals who work with the system every day.

Working with The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, LLC to evaluate your claim and guide you through the process of getting compensated for your suffering can provide peace of mind and valuable information with which to make informed and educated decisions throughout your personal injury claim.

It is important to note that, on the opposite side of your potential personal injury claim, the individual who is responsible to compensate you for your injuries will most assuredly have legal representation. Whether an individual or their insurance company, the person at fault will have access to expert defense lawyers to represent their interests.

The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, LLC has the expertise to effectively counter the insurance company and their attorneys, as well as help you receive compensation for your personal injury claim.

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer?
AYou should always hire a lawyer sooner rather than later. A six month, one, two, or three year statute of limitations may apply to your situation that could prevent you from collecting on your injury. Evidence can spoil or be lost. Witnesses, who are first more than willing to help, can become uncooperative or their memory forgets as time passes. Consulting with an attorney during the early stages of the case can help secure this evidence and supportive testimony.
Should I see a doctor?
AA majority of personal injury clients have already received medical evaluations and treatment before they seek legal representation.

However, if for whatever reason you have not sought medical treatment for your injuries, The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, LLC encourage you to seek appropriate care for your injuries.
If you believe that you have medical problems or symptoms related to a personal injury accident or incident, go to a doctor immediately. Your diagnosis, course of treatment, and your medical condition’s relationship to the personal injury accident or incident is a medical decision.
Please note that you should see a doctor for the purpose of getting medical treatment, not for the purpose of advancing a personal injury claim.

Specific discussions of your injuries and your medical treatment should be within the confidential relationship of attorney and client. If you have any questions about your treatment, The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, LLC are available to you.

How long will my personal injury case take?
APersonal injury cases may settle after a few months without the need for a trial or arbitration. Depending on the extent of your injuries and the course of medical treatment, the personal injury claim can take months or years to complete.
Each personal injury case is different and unique; however, no settlement should be completed without careful consideration of future risk. It is our belief that your case should not settle until all risks of future aftereffects and lingering injury have stabilized. Being cautious will ensure that you receive a just value for your personal injury claim.
What evidence of personal injury is necessary?
AVictims should capture photographic evidence of all cuts, bruises and broken bones as soon as possible after injury occurs. Also, photograph the damage done to your automobile or other property from all angles. It is also helpful if you can provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses to your personal injury accident.
You will need to keep accurate records of your out-of-pocket losses resulting from the personal injury, including medical bills and lost wages. Later on, the insurance company will demand documentation of all medical treatment, billings and lost income.