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Misdiagnosis in Maryland

Misdiagnosis Law in Maryland

Today, there are many medical institutions that have lost much of the respect and trust of the American people: insurance companies that do everything to sweep people into cracks they create in the system and pharmaceutical companies who invent nonexistent diseases to sell people medicine they don’t need that have strong side effects.  Despite a growing wave of cynicism, however, we still trust our doctors.  What happens, however, when there is a serious misdiagnosis in Maryland?

The ability to practice medicine in Maryland, like in much of the world, is a privilege offered to only a select few who have undergone years of training.  This includes years of school, followed by years of hands-on learning in a hospital under the close supervision of more experienced medical professionals.  Even after they have gained enough experience to be considered a skilled physician in their own right, doctors must continue to update their knowledge to keep abreast of the developments in their field.

Part of the title of “doctor” is an assumption of a certain level of competence, which includes the ability to recognize when someone is sick or injured.  When this standard of competency is violated and a condition is missed, it can result in a delay or even prevent a patient from getting treatment elsewhere.  Even a modest delay can result in a hip sliding further out of the socket, a cancer growing and metastasizing or other issues that can result in complications, a worsened injury or a lost opportunity for life-saving treatment.

On the other hand, a positive misdiagnosis of a nonexistent condition can turn someone’s world upside down unnecessarily.  Besides the obvious psychological stress from someone falsely believing they are dying, there is also the possibility of unnecessary treatments.  For example, those who have been falsely diagnosed with HIV can wind up taking unnecessary drugs that have strong side effects, damaging their liver for years before they find out they are not sick.

“Medicine is certainly still an imperfect science that we struggle to improve,” said Miguel Palmeiro of the Law Offices of Miguel Palmeiro.  “Watching doctors at work, however, it’s impossible not to be impressed.  If you spend time at an E.R., you will often see doctors literally holding someone’s life in their hands.  There is a trust there, but that trust can certainly be broken.”

“In the end, doctors are people too, and make all the careless errors that we see ourselves, our friends and our families make that leave us shaking our head.  Unlike most of us, however, these simple slips of not double checking a test result or seeing something that doesn’t exist in an X-ray can lead to very large consequences, such as a condition worsening or having to emotionally face death when it isn’t looming.  The sad thing is that a lot of these errors are completely avoidable, and simple safeguards like mandatory checklists have a proven record, but many just don’t like using them.”

If you have been misdiagnosed, a free consultation can help to clarify your rights and put things into perspective.  Remember, even if you don’t wind up hiring an attorney, a brief conversation with a knowledgeable professional can help to clarify what can otherwise be a very confusing process, especially at a time when you may still be recovering.

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