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Family law implicates some of the most intimate aspects of our lives. From marriage, to divorce, to child custody and the equitable division of marital assets, it can get quite confusing.

For example, in Maryland, there are two different types of divorce with very different legal implications: a “limited divorce,” which is a separation supervised by the court, and an “absolute divorce,” which actually dissolves the marriage and frees the parties to remarry. After an absolute divorce, the decree may provide for custody of children, payment of alimony, payment of child support and the division of property between the parties.

The grounds for granting an absolute divorce can be based on adultery, desertion, a 12 month separation or cruel treatment against a spouse or their child. The grounds for divorce may also affect any child custody or alimony depending on the circumstances and what the court finds to be in the best interests of the child.


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Child custody itself can be one of the most difficult aspects of family law to go through.

Both natural parents are presumed custodians of their children, and the law does not favor either the father or the mother, rather, it looks into the “best interest” of the child. This will include a complicated balancing of many factors such as who was primary custodian during marriage, where will the parents live, the location of other family members and many other law

When making an equitable division of the marital property pursuant to a divorce or separation, it is important to get a full accounting. Family law firms are full of stories of the sneaky spouse who managed to creatively hide assets, thus defrauding their spouse of their fair share of the property they both worked for years to attain. If you have any questions, please stop by for a free consultation. At the Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, we understand that everything begins and ends with family: legal matters involving family naturally require a special sensitivity and understanding.

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