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car accident

How we can help you following a car accident

  • Free Attorney Consultation – Our office provides free consultations. That means we are more than happy to meet with you at no charge to discuss the potential legal issues you may come across regarding your car accident. If you are unable to meet with us at our office, the consultations can be done over the phone.
  • Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement – This agreement allows our office to help you with your car accident case without you ever having to worry about how much it will cost to hire an attorney. Our office does not take car accident cases on an hourly basis, so you will not need to pay any money up front. Our firm collects its attorney’s fees based on a percentage of the gross settlement or verdict. This arrangement puts all of the risks of the case on our firm. If you are unable to recover, then you pay our firm nothing.
  • Property Damage – Getting a rental car and getting your vehicle repaired can become extremely frustrating when dealing with insurance companies. The common complaints are usually that the insurance companies are not responsive or the process is very confusing. Our office can streamline the process to make sure any and all issues related to property damage are handled in a timely manner.
  • Personal Injury Protection Applications – After you are involved in a car accident, the insurance companies will send you lots of paperwork to fill out and return. Often times, it is confusing as to what actually needs to be completed and returned. Our office will take care of everything so that you do not have to worry about paperwork at all and can focus instead on seeking medical treatment and getting better.
  • Recovery – Our office strives to make sure all of your medical bills are paid for and that you receive additional compensation for your pain and suffering as a result of the car accident. If the insurance companies do not offer you an amount that you are satisfied with, our office will litigate the case in court in order to make sure that you have the opportunity to receive an amount that you will be satisfied with.
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