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Miguel Palmeiro

Attorney at Law

Miguel Palmeiro is a Plaintiffs Trial attorney in DC and Maryland. He has recently been selected as a Top Personal Injury Lawyer under 40. He manages a firm that takes pride in working closely with clients like you to help you get the personalized justice they deserve in personal injury matters and immigration.

The son of immigrants, Mr. Palmeiro grew up in the DC Metro area. In 2006, He entered law school as a Leadership Scholar and became involved in trial advocacy classes and civil litigation as a member of Maryland’s National Trial Team.

Upon graduation in 2009 Mr. Palmeiro began litigating personal injury cases. The first case he ever took to the court house for trial was his very own: He had been injured in an automobile collision and the insurance company would not pay what was due. After the injury litigation, Mr. Palmeiro won the trial and received both a verdict on liability and damages (exceeding what had been requested to settle the matter).

From there the cases grew in risk, complication, and reward. One case settled recently for the maximum insurance policy of $750,000.00 without putting his clients at risk and delay (or cost) of going forward in the Circuit Court.

Mr. Palmeiro’s command of civil procedure and litigation is complemented by his courtrooms skills, honed by years of litigating cases and now working on larger cases, including investigating several new large lawsuits, jury trials.

Mr. Palmeiro is active in the county and state bar associations. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English, Mr. Palmeiro has been elected to the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association Board of Directors to help represent Hispanics and Latinos in Maryland.

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